How To Generate A Code Frame Automatically From The Data

Creating a code frame automatically from data has several benefits:

  • You are able to save time on looking through the data to create your own coding frame.
  • You are able to attain an unbiased view of the data by using the most popular generated key-phrases.

With Relevance AI, we are able to generate a code frame via a few clicks. Firstly, upload your dataset and navigate to the main dashboard. Under workflows, you have access to strong processing tools which require zero coding experience, only a setup wizard. You can use AI tagging which covers all the following steps:

  • extract tags/code frames from your dataset
  • accepts your desired tags/code frames
  • applies the tag lis to your dataset
  • allows you to review and refine tagging
Relevance AI - Access to AI Tagging workflow

Relevance AI - Access to AI Tagging workflow