Invite New User

Share data and/or dashboards with new users

Please read our guide on Users and permission and follow the link best describe your user:


Can invitees change my data?

It depends on the level of permission granted to the invitees. Only admins and editors can make changes to a dataset.

What happens to the changes applied to a dashboard by a guest user?

The changes are valid as long as the page is open in a browser, meaning guide users can make temporary changes to dashboards.

Can two admins overwrite each other's work?

Yes! The work which was saved last will be the final state.

How would it work if I'm a new employee of a company using Relevance AI

As a new user you are always welcome to create your own account on Relevance AI platform and experience with your own dataset(s). But to be able to access your company's data and dashboard(s), you must be invited to their project by the company administrator(s).