View Data

To see a table view of the dataset

After uploading your dataset to the Relevance AI's platform, you can check your data, and data statistics and configure some settings.
On this page, we will explain the Data feature. To start click on your desired dataset under your account

And click on Data under Dataset on the left-hand side. You will see a table view of your dataset similar to what is shown in the image below.
There are a variety of components and settings on this page which makes it possible to add, edit, delete data or view a subset of the data. We will briefly explain each component here.


Relevance AI - Data view on the dashboard.

Table view

Marked with A in the image above, it is the main table view is the whole dataset that is uploaded to your account

Selected subset

Select a subset by clicking on the little square on the left-hand side of each entry. This will enable items marked with B and C and add another item "View selected" which is to only show the selected subset.
You can copy, compare, edit or delete the selected entries.


Relevance AI - Data actions

Upload data

Marked with D in the image on top, it enables you to add more data entries to a dataset. The process is similar to what was explained on the upload your dataset page.

Delete all data entries

Marked with E in the image on top, it is to simply delete all existing entries in a dataset at once.

Edit data entries

You can edit any cells of the table similar to how it is done on tools such as Excel. Any modifications enable items marked with F and G to save or undo the edits.

Advance filter

Marked with H in the image on top, it is to define rules such as "must include a certain word", "field must exist" or "value equals to" to present only a subset of the data that meets the defined filter(s) / criteria. In the image below, we set the filter so that only entries where the language is Python are present in the table. Read more about filters at Filters].


Relevance AI - Advanced filtering for data view

Fields to see

Marked with I in the top image, it enables you to select or deselect fields that are shown in the list which affects the fields that are presented in the table view.


Relevance AI - Identifying which fields to view/hide.


Marked with J in the image on the top, it is to specify how the table and data should fit on the page.


Relevance AI - Table settings

Number of rows

Marked with K in the top image, it is to increase or decrease the number of rows that are shown on the table.

Navigate through the data

Marked with L in the top image it is to move to the next (or previous) page on your dataset.